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Things to do on the French Riviera
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All inclusive, 4 days / 3 nights, at 490 €.

At the gates of Monaco, inspired by the poet and his work, discover graphic design on ceramic. A unique artistic stay at the Mediterranean centre on the French Riviera.
Experience the heart of Cocteau's graphic arts and poetry. A unique, full-board stay to relax on the Riviera. You will get a chance to discover the artist, his love for ceramics, and create your own works with the help of a professional ceramicist. Enjoy the experience, inspired and entertaining.

  • The Centre Méditerranéen d'Etudes Françaises


    C.M.E.F. Anthic theatre has been created and decorated by Cocteau himself. A breathtaking view of the parc where you will be hosted.

  • The Centre Méditerranéen d'Etudes Françaises


    An extra-ordinary place in a luxuriant garden that will invite you to relaxation.

  • The Centre Méditerranéen d'Etudes Françaises


    Like Jean Cocteau himself, get the inspiration from this incredible parc and let your creativity flow.

  • The ceramics you decorate


    10 ceramic pieces included (white faience biscuits. Patterns given for example.) : Zen square dish (32cm), 1 litre jug, olive dish (L 41cm), 2 mugs (H 15cm), fruit-cake dish (L 40cm), square vegetable dish (24 cm), square hors d'oeuvre dish (12cm), rectangular vase (H 25cm), rectangular bowl (L 25cm).

  • The Centre Méditerranéen d'Etudes Françaises


    The Campus rooms are bathing on sunlight. They offer a somptuous view overlooking the Parc and the Meditteranean sea.

  • The Menton wedding room


    « Without knowing it, I had decorated this room in the style of Cretan palaces, such as that of Knossos. »
    Jean Cocteau

  • Saint-Pierre chapel in Villefranche-sur-Mer


    The paintings of this chapel, realised by Cocteau, show some episodes of Jesus Christ life.

  • Jean Cocteau et la céramique : une passion


    « Pottery saved my life. [...] Picasso told me that the day I would fire ceramics, I would be lost. But I have always relished indulging in my own loss... »
    Jean Cocteau

  • Suggested outings: Nice


    The picturesque old town with its artisans, shops and artists along the Massena square and Albert 1er Gardens stands at the foot of the Castle hill and offers a splendid view on the "Baie des Anges" (Bay of Angels) and the "Promenade des Anglais".

  • Suggested outings: Monaco


    This singular principality, where modern buildings intermingle with a multitude of "Belle Epoque" villas and their delicate frescos, is home to to the Casino, the rock and its princely palace, and, of course, the oceanographic museum, once supported by Commandant Cousteau.

  • Suggested outings: Beaulieu-sur-Mer


    Beautiful little seaside resort between Monao and Nice, Beaulieu-sur-Mer is home to the Villa Kérylos, a unique replica of the sumptuous palace of ancient Greece. Discover the villa created by Theodore Reinch during the "Belle Epoque" with an audio-guided tour.

  • Suggested outings: Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat


    Discover the feeling of walking on the deck of a cruise ship as you visit the Ephrussi Villa by Rothschild. A magnificent renaissance-style palace, surrounded by beautiful gardens overlooking the sea.

Your ceramic decoration stay-course

Discover Jean Cocteau, talented French artist and poet, through his ceramic decorating. The pieces you will have decorated will be glazed, fired, properly packaged and sent to your home: they will remain as an exceptionnal souvenir of your timeless stay.

An astounding setting on the french Riviera

At the heart of the centre's luscious green park, overlooking the Mediterranean sea, you will be hosted in a site usually dedicated to students from all parts of the world. On this rare occasion, it opens its doors for you to discover the antique theatre, artfully decorated by Jean Cocteau. Let the magic of the site inspire your creativity and get acquainted with ceramic decoration, a skill cherished by the artist.

In the steps of Jean Cocteau

During your stay you will have the pleasure of discovering a part of his graphic and monumental work, visiting the Menton city hall wedding room or discovering the frescos of the St Pierre Chapel in Villefranche-sur-Mer. No previous artistic experience is necessary to enjoy this creative stay, open to all.

Excursions included - Jean Cocteau itinerary

Saint-Pierre chapel in Villefranche-sur-Mer

The chapel displays two styles: a figurative style in which the poet relates different episodes of the life of Jesus Christ and Saint Peter, and a second, purely decorative style, made of geometrical designs painted on the vaults. While at the Villa Santo Sospir Jean Cocteau drew directly onto the walls without any previous sketches, in this chapel he used a projector to view his drawings on the surface of the walls. As Cocteau would say, he wanted his visitors to feel "caught in a fishing net".

The wedding room and the Menton city hall

In 1957-1958, soon after he finished the Villefranche chapel walls, the mayor of Menton invited the poet to decorate his City Hall: en entire room dedicated to wedding ceremonies. Having created part of the fresco in an "afro-oriental" style, Cocteau declared, "Without knowing it, I had decorated this room in the style of Cretan palaces, such as that of Knossos".

The Menton Bastion museum

Drawings, lithographies and a duplicate of the tapestry representing "Judith and Holofernes" are all brought together in this museum entirely dedicated to Jean Coctrau and his works. It also presents works from the Wunderman collection, the most important of which will be exhibited at the city's Cocteau museum in the future.

Tour of the "eagle's nest" and Fragonard perfumery - Eze village

The old village with its magnificent stone houses, built around a rock piton, preserves its authentic atmosphere and traditions despite its strong touristic attraction.
Fragonard Perfumery will reveal some of its secrets during your tour.

Who was Jean Cocteau (1889-1963)

First and foremost, Jean Cocteau was a poet. However, his multiple facets also revealed Jean Cocteau as a novelist, play write, critic, screenwriter, dialogue writer, film director, actor, designer and painter. His talents included creating costumes and stage sets for several shows as well as ballets, and even earned an entry in a music encyclopedia. He displayed an outstanding ability to transform and an equally amazing ability to adapt to a particular era, aesthetics or artist.
In 1956, Jean Cocteau discovers a new, unexplored path, that catches his attention: pottery. "Pottery saved my life" he declares. "Thanks to pottery, I can avoid using ink, which has become far to dangerous, for all we write is twisted by those by whom it is read. Picasso told me that the day I would fire ceramics, I would be lost. But I have always relished indulging in my own loss... ".
The majority of his later works of graphic poetry reveal his passion for mythlogy, as reflected in the Riviera. His frescoes decorate today:

  • Saint-Pierre chapel in Villefranche-sur-Mer
  • Villa Santo Sospir in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat
  • Antique theatre of the Mediterranean centre in Cap d'ail
  • Wedding room in Menton

The same can be said of his major theatrical works (Antigone, The Infernal Machine and Orpheus), as well as his cinematographic works (Beauty and the Beast, Orpheus).
« I have always preferred mythology to history. History is made of truths that are, with time, turned to lies ; while mythology is made of lies that with time, turn to truth. ».
Jean Cocteau

Photos credits: RR
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Avis céramic créa

"Clearly, the educational approach to the stay is not aimed at recreating Cocteau’s art. Rather, it will reveal your own creativity by digging deep down into the artist’s inspirations. Come enjoy this refreshing stay where art, beauty and relaxation combine.
Don't forget what Jean Cocteau said : « I am neither a painter nor an artist ; my drawings are nothing but words, unlaced, to be intertwined over again, differently. »"

Pascale PONTET, your ceramic artist


  • 3 half-days of ceramic decoration session
  • Introduction to the Cocteau style, his graphic poetry on the French Riviera his sources of inspiration
  • Tours and Jean Cocteau itinerary: Cap d'Ail, Eze, Menton, Villefranche-sur-Mer
  • Free tours on the Riviera : Nice, Monaco, Beaulieu, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat
  • 1 special evening
  • From april 21st to 24th 2011
  • From may 12th to 15th 2011
  • From october 27th to 31st 2011
  • 4 days / 3 nights in full board or 3 days / 2 nights in full board

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In partnership with C.M.E.F.

Much evidence of the poet's art and teaching activities during his stay can be found in the Centre Méditerranéen d'études françaises. By means of audiovisual showings, it will thus naturally contribute to keeping the memory of Jean Cocteau's enthusiasm alive for many to discover, and will yield a few secrets to better understanding his poetry.

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Who can sign up?

  • In priority, this stay is reserved to adults
  • No ceramic or artistic experience required
  • Open to beginners and confirmed artists alike
  • For Jean Cocteau enthusiasts and all those willing to set out on a journey to discover his life and his work

Your accommodation

The Mediterranean Centre rooms offer the comfort of simple accommodation in an extraordinary setting: ideal to come charge your batteries for an artistic break. The rooms include individual bathrooms and are of various sizes that can welcome up to 5 persons. Enjoy the unique poetry of your stay, with a view on the luscious green park, overlooking the Mediterranean sea.

Carbon compensation and sustainable development

1 participant per stay

3 trees*

céramic créa® sustains « Coeur de Forêt », a non-profit association. Help us support the reforestation of an entire area south of Senegal, western Africa. This project will allow 200 families to earn a living within 3 years.

More info about our sustainable development actions (in french)

* 3 hours of painting = 1 tree.

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