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Team building with a creative mission!

Split into teams of 7 to 10 people, the "designers" have to demonstrate creativity and overcome difficulties in order to create a dinner service that meets the terms of reference within the set time limit. A workshop that is both fun and unifies and that is especially suited to business issues. Supervised by an artistic coach and a project coach.

  • The designer challenge


  • The designer challenge


  • The designer challenge


  • The designer challenge


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Ideal for raising energy levels in the framework of a new product or service launch. Stimulates the creativity of project teams and promotes team cohesion. Motivates and unifies sales teams while developing their performance.


  • Welcoming the participants, presenting the challenge, organising the teams.
  • Preparatory phase: outlining the artistic project, choosing materials and colours, analysing and sharing out the tasks.
  • Production phase: 2 hours for decoration with the advice of the experts. Ends with each team presenting their service and the winning team being elected.
  • 4 hours: 3 hours workshop + 1 hour gourmet break
Number of participants
  • 10 and over

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