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Art du Feu - Valbonne - pottery painting

Les Arts du Feu Valbonne - 25 -26 september 2010

Published 2010/09/28

céramic créa®, the very first paint your own pottery studio concept on the Riviera brings children to discover one of the oldest handcraft on earth.

Valbonne Sophia Antipolis Town Hall committee chose céramic créa® for the second consecutive year to animate their Craftsmen Fair dedicated to professionals working their art with fire.
It's with great pleasure and quite a sense of responsibility too, that Pascale, ceramic crea professional ceramicist, introduced children to pottery painting during those 2 festive days. Everything was provided for: colors brushes and plates ready to receive their first artistic strokes.
With the guidance of Pascale, parents where soon amazed by the results of their children creativity. The hardest part? Convince all those kids not to walk away on the same day with their decorated plates! The final step of this creation process is for céramic créa to glaze and fire the dinnerware in their professional kilns before they can be enjoyed every day as real master pieces.
Pascale was pleased to meet up again with ceramic artists who graduated from Vallauris ceramic Art School the same year as she did such as Annie Ezgulian who launched, the pottery workshop where she creates and displays her fine work of art. A round of applause for the artist! Let's put it in a nutshell: it's not because there's a Kiln involved that making pottery is simple as following a muffin recipe or baking a cupcake, no matter how good they are. No, to become a ceramist it takes hard work, time and eventually skills. Luckily at ceramic crea, professionals have dealt with the hard bit to make sure there's just the fun part left for you to enjoy… with some pastries and Viennoiseries, if you still want of course.
Céramic créa® is member of Cote d'Azur Chamber of Trades and Crafts
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